Give your parka the instant makeover it deserves. Faux fur. Real fabulous.

Meet the first-ever faux fur ruff that attaches to any hood or collar with magnets.

Luxurious faux fur on all your coats, no sewing required.

The first-ever faux fur ruff that attaches to any hood or collar with super-strong magnets.


    Delivery is on us for all US orders over $75.


    Rock your ruff for 30 days. If you don't love it, send it back for a refund.


    Our ruffs are scientifically proven to keep you warmer.


    A portion of every sale goes toward finding a cure for ALS, in honor of Steve Mollner-- the man who introduced us to Namakan Lake.

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The Namakan Story

In January of 2014, Maggie Davis froze her butt off waiting for the bus. She wondered why she'd been warmer the day before, wearing a parka with faux fur around the hood. Turns out, that faux fur isn't just for fashion, but function. She designed the first-ever universal faux fur ruff that attaches to any hood with magnets, and Namakan Goods was born. Watch the video for the full story.

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How Our Ruffs Work

Namakan's patented, universally-sized faux fur ruff can attach to any collar or hood with super-strong magnet. Watch how Namakan Co-Founder Molly Mogren Katt adds a ruff to her parka hood.

You got questions, we got answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ruff?

A ruff is the fur trim surrounding a park hood. The Inuit and explorers did just use these for fashion; they're scientifically proven to keep you warm by surrounding your face in an air pocket that protects you from the wind and cold.

Will your ruffs fit/work on my coat?

Weird fact: Most hoods are about the same length. We tested tons of hooded coats with our design, featuring super-strong magnets, and we think you’ll be hard pressed to find a fabric or coat that our ruff won’t work with. Of course we haven’t been able to test on EVERY coat, so if you do have an issue, we’ll accept a return your Namakan ruff within 30 days of purchase.

What’s your return policy?

Rock your ruff (or any Namakan gear!) for 30 days. If you don't love it, we'll take it back. Read about our Love It Guarantee here. Have other questions about your order? Email 

Do you offer free shipping?

Sure do! If you spend $75 on our site, we'll ship your order for nada.

What does Namakan mean & how do you pronouce it?

We are glad you asked! We’re named after a be-yoo-ti-ful lake in Voyageurs National Park, way up in northern Minnesota. It’s rhymes with mannequin, ham-a-kan, spam-a-klanandclam-a-kan.