About Namakan

In the winter of 2014, Maggie Davis stood at a St. Paul, Minnesota bus stop, freezing her butt off. The previous day, she’d worn a parka with faux fur trim on the hood. But on this day, she wore a coat without faux fur trim. She noticed that she was so much warmer with the fur. Her analytical brain started working on a way to transfer her faux fur ruff from one coat to another.

As it turned out, you can’t move most fur trim from one coat to another. They either zip or snap on to the coat they came with. A one trick pony! That’s why Maggie invented Namakan’s faux fur ruff. Using patent-pending design, this new ruff attaches to any hood, collar, jacket or sweater with super-strong magnets.

Maggie teamed up with Molly Mogren Katt and Liz Doyle Skophammer to build the Namakan brand. As born and bred Minnesotans, we know that with the right gear, there’s no such thing as too cold. However, we’re often faced with the choice of looking great and freezing, or staying warm in frumpy gear. Namakan bridges the gap between winter style and comfort, from the head down. 

At Namakan, we love winter. With our products, you’ll love it, too.

* * *

Maggie Davis - CEO & Co-founderMAGGIE DAVIS - CEO & CO-FOUNDER
In her decade-plus of experience as a project manager, Maggie guided numerous companies from tech start-ups to industry leaders in bringing their ideas to reality. Maggie handles all the business details including financials and manufacturing. In her “real job” Maggie once got the feedback that she’s “too efficient,” someone who can’t get enough of the details and just wants to get things done; she keeps the train moving.

molly mogren katt - namakan fur

With 15 years of marketing, writing, design and social media skills, Molly leads Namakan’s marketing and branding efforts. She built chef and television personality Andrew Zimmern’s social following from zero to millions, and cultivated a loyal following of her own through her blog, Hey Eleanor! 



Liz Doyle Skophammer - Namakan FurLIZ SKOPHAMMER - CO-FOUNDER
Liz’s twelve years of styling, fashion and retail experience are a huge asset to Namakan’s look and feel. She’s styled for some of the most read publications in the country (Harper’s Bazaar, More Magazine, Delta Sky Magazine included), and studied apparel design at Florida State.