6 DIY Halloween costumes for cold weather

6 DIY Halloween costumes for cold weather

cold weather halloween costumes

Halloween is almost here, and if you're like 99 percent of people, you've waited 'till the last minute to figure out your costume. 

Good news for you: I am obsessed with Halloween costumes and came up with a bunch of ideas for you! 

If you're #blessed to live in a cool climate, Halloween costumes can be a wee bit complicated. I will never forget the year I went trick-or-treating as a bobby soxer. Halloween coincided with a blizzard, and I ended up wearing sweatpants and a parka, with about six inches of poodle skirt sticking out. 

In the years since, I picked costumes that work with the weather instead of against it. Keeping your head warm is essential, and that's where Namakan steps in. Not only will these hats trap the heat inside your body, but you'll be able to wear them long after the candy is gone. 

Without further ado, here are some perfect costumes for cold weather.


1. Lamb

Imagine this adorable hat on your favorite kiddo, paired with a white sweatsuit and a little black face paint on the nose? You could even buy one extra puff and clip it onto the seat of their pants. Cutest shake of a lamb's tail ever! If you're more of a black sheep kind of person (aren't we all sometimes?), go with a black hat and two black puffs. 

This hat could totally go polar bear. Pretty much the exact same costume as the lamb... but definitely not the same animal.

2. Mouse

halloween costumes cold weather

Simply pair this hat with a gray sweatshirt and sweatpants (as if you don't already have those), draw a black nose and whiskers, add a tail with some string. Boom. You are a mouse, baby! Now go trick-or-treating for some cheese. 

Oh! Also! This could be a great starting point for a koala costume! 

3. Panda 

halloween costumes cold weather

All you need with this hat is a white sweatshirt or sweater, black pants and shoes, and maybe a third black puff for your tail. Maybe throw on a pair of black gloves or mittens. Bonus points if you want to draw black circles around your eyes. Double bonus points if you carry a bamboo plant. 

4. Shrek

halloween costumes cold weather

Shrek is having a major moment in my house (thanks, Netflix!). This green hat with neon green poms is a nod to everyone's favorite swamp ogre. Add a long sleeved white or cream shirt, brown vest, belt, leggings and boots. Donkey not included.

5. Strawberry

halloween costumes cold weather

Wear this hat with red everything else and you're doneski! Level it up by spray painting a box teal, cutting of the top and bottom, and adding straps... it's one of those biodegradable crates made with pulp! 

6. Thing 1 and Thing 2

halloween costumes cold weather

These hats paired with a red onesie = easiest, comfiest costume over! I made the circular labels with cardboard and a sharpie. Nothing fancy!

7. Gnome

halloween costumes cold weather

My daughter did this one last year, and it was adorable. Our red hat and white puff, paired with red leggings, blue dress, and a belt made from felt. I fashioned a beard from paper and cotton balls and attached it to the hat. We happened to own the totally perfect boots, but any sort of black/brown shoe could work here.

Doesn't she look happy???

halloween costumes cold weather

halloween costumes cold weather

PS this one isn't just for the kiddos...Our friend Laura inadvertently dressed as gnome for much of last year. You go, Glen Coco!

Other warm costume ideas? Share in the comments!

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Perfect DIY Halloween costumes for cold weather.

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