How to Add Faux Fur Trim to a Hood or Collar

Namakan goods - how to attach faux fur to your hood

With the right gear, it's never too cold. 

That's why we designed the Namakan Ruff™
Using patent-pending design, this faux fur trim attaches to any hood, collar, jacket or sweater with super-strong magnets.

Here's how it works:

What customers are saying:

Melissa - Prague:
I’ve been madly in love with my Namakan Fur ruff. The ruff is super-cute and warm, and it attaches to the collar of my coat with magnets that simply do not let go.

Jenny - Pittsburgh:
Just a couple weeks ago, I received my Namakan Fur ruff and snapped it onto my hood (in all of about 15 seconds). I totally love it! It’s soft and really great quality.  

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